How to find the Best Hair Colour for your Skin Undertone and Skin Tone.

I enjoy experimenting with different colours on my hair so I can bet that it (my hair) is tired and craving a break. I’ve done big hair, small hair, long hair, short hair, red hair, purple hair, you name it!  For me, that's one way I express my creativity to the world. You must know how to find the best hair colour for your skin undertone and skin tone to bring out the glow in you, boast yourself confidence and compliment your looks. So, I'm going to talk about the best hair colours for the warm undertone, the cool undertone, and then we'll go into the neutral undertone and then, I’ll share some hairstyle inspiration that we can learn from.
Before reading on, I have made a post on youtube about skin tones and skin undertones. I also have a video where I talk about what the difference is in detail. Do check it out if you do not know what your skin tone or skin undertone is!


Warm Undertone

People who have warm skin undertones have more of a yellowish gold cast that their skin gives, especially when they're under lights. When I think of warm, I think of anything warm and cosy, brown or tan or orange. When you think of "cool", you think of more or less ice and calm blue skies. That's an easy way to describe warm undertones and cool undertones.

When it comes to hairstyles for warm undertones, the rule of thumb is that people who have warm undertones should use hair colours that match their warmth—tones, such as the browns, the blonde, the brunettes. The warm colours bring out the beauty of warm undertoned people. 

Now, examples of dark-skinned and warm undertoned girls are, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Let's stick to Destiny's Child. Looking at a picture of Beyonce, you can see that she has that ombre look; which is an almost black shade of dark brown in the roots. It then goes down to a blonde shade, or for those of us who use extensions, that is colour 27. A good look at the picture shows the beauty of undertones on her skin, and how the use of the right colours emphasized it. It makes her skin glow so much better than if she had used colours like grey or jet black.

Another colour that can look amazing on dark-skinned/warm-undertoned girls is dark purple. Taking a look at a picture of Kelly Rowland will show this. The colour was dark purple. It was close to black, but under the light, it had a purplish tint. That hair looked so beautiful and fabulous, and it visibly compliments our skin beautifully. So, if you want to choose a colour like maroon or a burnt orange type of shade, or you are looking to get that blonde look; I have discovered that dark-skinned/warm-undertoned ladies always come out looking much better with an ombre look or if they have darker roots compared to the remaining edges of the hair.

Here's some inspiration from Kelly Rowland and the one and only Jackie Eina. Can you see how even with their dark shade, the skin is glowing? Can you see how the gold comes out on their skin and they're looking so fabulous? You know what, even though that's more burgundy than maroon, you can still see that because it has more of the ombre look, they're still able to pull it off and look nice.

Now, when it comes to light-skinned/warm-undertoned girls, the same rules apply. I mean, take a look at this photo of Jessica Alba, and you can see that "brunettish" look with the ombre the blondish ends to her hair. She looks so beautiful, and she looks so stunning. But have a look at this photo where she had more of maroon/burgundy type hair. You could see that because the colour started from the roots down to the edges, for me, it doesn't sit just right on her skin. It doesn't look bad, but I mean, compared to when she has that brunettish-type look, you can see that it makes her look bleeeeh.

So I would always suggest that for warm-undertoned girls if you want to choose any of the colours (whether it is red or deep purple or maroon), it is always best if you lean towards the ombre look where your roots are just a tad bit darker. It complements our skin so much more.

Cool Undertone

Our cool-toned beauties, usually have a bluish, reddish, or pinkish hue to their skin. A thought just came to my head; it would be worth finding out if our undertones play any part in our personality. Would cool-undertoned people have cool personalities and warm-undertoned people have more fiery personalities? For our cool-undertoned beauties, when it comes to your hair colour, it's always great to stick with cool colours, So anything black or ash will always look so beautiful on this skin undertone. And if you decide that you want to use a colour like blonde, it's still good to go for that ashy blonde, rather than the yellow blonde that should be reserved for people with warm undertone. You don't want the yellow blonde because the colour would wash you out. You also don't want to have a hair colour that makes your skin look pale or doesn't compliment your skin colour.

Cool undertone beauties also look beautiful with burgundy or maroon hair. It always complements their skin because that is one of the hues that their skin brings out. I've also found out that cool-undertoned girls, especially if dark-skinned, should always stick with the blacks rather than the off-black or the dark brown because it doesn't complement the skin. It almost makes your skin look a bit ashy or look pale, and that's not the look we're going for, so always stick to that jet black. It just compliments the skin.

Now, Shay Mitchell is an excellent example of a dark-skinned cool-undertoned chick, and can you see the way her skin glows with jet black? Her skin glows. I also love it when dark-undertoned girls have more of ombre ash hairstyles because it compliments and makes them look so pretty. I would always suggest that you steer away from the dark browns because it tends to wash off the skin a bit.

For light-skinned cool-undertoned girls, an example is Anne Hathaway. Please take a look at her picture where she has Jet black hair. Look at the beauty of her skin. Look at the way her skin comes out. She has that lovely pinkish undertone. Her face looks so striking. The features of her skin come out great. But take a look at this another photo where she had more of blonde hair. Can you see the way it looked? It washed out her colour and didn't compliment her skin quite as much. So for the cool-undertoned girls, always stick to the jet black. Stick to the ash. Ombre also works wonders. Pink is another beautiful colour that looks great on you.

Burgundy looks great on dark-skinned girls, so stick to those colours that bring out the hues and the undertones from your skin.


Neutral Undertone

Now, for the neutral undertone, and I've said this already in a previous video, in as much as you have mutual undertones, you might find that you skew more to the warm side or the cool side. But yes, this undertone, any hair colour is going to look fabulous on you, and a great example of a dark skin neutral undertoned lady is Kerry Washington. Whether it's dark hair or she's a brunette, or she has ombre, her skin seems to glow with any colour of hair she chooses. So if you're under the neutral category, you're able to experiment much more with your hair.

And for light-skinned neutral undertones, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston are great examples. You see that black hair looks great, blonde hair equally looks excellent. You're able to experiment with highlights and different tints to your hair. The sky is the limit if you have a neutral undertone.

So I hope you got some ideas and inspiration. As you already know, I have warm undertones, and you can see how this colour compliments my skin. You know what? For the longest time, I only did black hair or off-black hair because I felt that that was the only thing I could do to experiment with my hair colour. But ever since I experimented with ombre looks, I have loved it, and I find out that it brings up my skin tone and skin undertone even better. So experiment, experiment, experiment. Let's all keep experimenting, and if we want to choose those hair colours, it's great that we stick to the ones that make our skin look great and is flattering.

A word of caution. I do not advise bleaching your natural hair colour. It's always great that you go for hair extensions or highlights; this is so that it doesn't have any permanent damage to your hair. And you don't cause any damage while you are trying out your different hair experiments. Safety is essential, so make sure you are playing safe when you are experimenting with your hair.


Beautifying Bodies, Beautifying Minds

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Let me know if you've experimented with some crazy hair colours. I'd love to know the colours that you've tried and what you have found to compliment your skin. Let me know if you'd be interested in me creating a mood board for the different undertones so that you can get some inspiration anytime you want to experiment with your hair.

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