EthNQ EE Hair and Scalp Oil Lite- Medium/ Fine/ Oily-combination hair

This Hair & Scalp Oil LITE version of our Elixir is for medium/fine/oily-combination hair.

Engineered to protect and replenish the hair and strands, especially due to daily styling and washing, which can strip hair of nutrients and lustre. Additionally customized to help oily scalps, our proactive serum balances your scalp's PH by going straight to the root of the problem.

Formulated to revitalize and stimulate the scalp with rousing oils and organic extracts, this reinvigorating hair serum promotes strong, beautiful, and luscious locks. Try on medium, fine, to oily combination hair for radiant locks that won't cease to amaze. 

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Ijay U
Quality product

Well packaged with very detailed creativity.
Highly recommended. Truly an Extraordinaire Hair and Scalp Oil. It has transformed the texture of my Little princess's hair.

Miss Gohar Khan
It’s finally arrived super happy

The oil is non greasy, smells Devine. Here’s the best part you will notice less hair fall and it also helps fight off split ends. It’s like it coats the hair with a magical sheen the guards against environmental elements and potential damage. And you can wear all day no hassle. Unlike other oils this is not going to leave grease residue on car headrests or sofas - it really is worth investing in

Thank you for your review. We apologise for the delay in receiving your correct order. Shipping has been delayed beyond our control due to the christmas season.

J E U Davies
A little goes a long way!

This product was excellent on the hair and had a pleasant smell. I have fine hair and it works really well. Used it for two weeks and condition of hair already shows improvement. Only a few drop required, to much leaves the hair feeling heavy.

it's only me x
hair oil

This hair oil comes beautifully packaged with a pearl hair clip which was a nice little surprise.

The bottle has a pipette which is very easy to use and stops you wasting anything.

The oil can be used in several different ways and I would use it as a pre shampoo treatment - I'd apply it to dry hair and wrap it up in a hair wrap, let it soak in for 30 minutes then shampoo out.
My hair was left soft, manageable and easy to stye. More than anything it looks healthy.
The fragrance was really nice and lingers in the hair without being overpowering.

The only downside is the price - £21.99 a bottle but as you only use a small amount it will last a long time

Good price for an excellent product

This is one of the hair product I have used. It leaves my hair shiny and manageable. I have curly hair although there are a lot of products on the market but to find one that one is happy without going through lots cost money. I highly recommend this product and it doesn't cost a lot of money.