5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cosmetic Products Made Using Organic Ingredients

For most of my life, I wondered what the fuss around organic ingredients in cosmetics was. I was sure these products were just about the hype. I felt that it was about huge brands trying to rip us off, make a name for themselves and line their pockets with profit. I could have sworn that their claim of loving plants was all big talk.  

I remember being too concerned about getting ripped off. I'd rather spend my money on new shoes and more clothes than buy into the organic market scam, or so I thought. The truth is, skincare at that time was never my priority. I had given up on all the products available in the market. I was not ready to give anything a chance.

As I grew older, I started becoming more conscious about caring for my skin. So, I started to research more natural remedies for efficient skincare. A solution that had zero adverse side effects and would also fit my budget.

Since then, I have learned so much about organic ingredients and how they are used in cosmetics. 

But first, what are these organic ingredients? Organic ingredients are naturally occurring raw materials derived from either plants or animals. These materials are then used to make cosmetic products. 

Generally, organic cosmetic products should not contain Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO), synthetic products, and herbicides. 
Some categories of these organic ingredients include: 
  • Raw plant materials 
  • Essential oils and oleoresins 
  • Animal or vegetable-derived oils
  • Vegetable extracts and many more

My interest in organic cosmetics continued to grow as I gained more knowledge about its use. The whole process resulted in a shift that caused me to make better choices about my body and pay more attention to what I put on my skin. I started to exercise more, eat more organic foods, and engage in healthier activities. This resulted in my use of more organic products for skincare and organic food.

The goal was to explore all the benefits of organic nutrients on my body. I needed to find out how it could help preserve my skin, remove blemishes, and promote a younger look. Ever since then, my skin feels a lot smoother, I look young, more beautiful, and I'm healthier too. 

So from personal choices and experiences, here are five reasons why you too should choose organic products in your haircare and skincare routine:
  1. Organic means working with nature means a reduced percentage of synthetic chemicals used in the product. Most times, it shows the use of best practices in its production and preparation. It also means that there was no animal testing, and synthetic fragrances weren't used. And no controversial chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Once you find out your cosmetic product's source, you can sleep well knowing you are preserving your skin.
  2. Support the livelihood of local farmers, especially in developing countries. A lot of the natural ingredients are imports from local farmers in Africa, my heritage. These ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, babassu oil, frankincense essential oil, patchouli essential oil, and liquorice extract.
  3. Most of the natural and organic ingredients I used while living in Africa had phenomenal effects on my hair and skin. So why then was I concerned with the cost when it was absolute value for money?
  4. It is more rewarding. We have to play our parts in preserving the environment, wildlife, bees, and birds. Most important, butterflies love organic farms. Why not make the butterflies happy?
  5. The simple knowledge that I was taking better care of myself made me feel pampered; in mind, soul, and body. I felt a lot more beautiful knowing, protecting my ass-ets ☺ , not for immediate results but longer term. And to top it all off, the results were evident in very little time.

In essence, looking for cosmetic products to use, choose those that; 

  • Have higher levels of antioxidants
  • contain sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Have a transparent manufacturing process
  • Have an interest in and don't in any way harm wildlife and biodiversity 
  • Contain biodegradable ingredients 
  • And are packaged using recyclable content

I would like to mention that not everyone who uses organic cosmetics will have the same results as I did. Some people may enjoy remarkable outcomes, while others will not. That said, you have a responsibility to your body. To find the best combination of organic ingredients that will bring out the glow within.

I am always available to help you with your skincare journey.

You can leave a comment about organic products you have tried or any questions you may have.

So let me know, have you paid attention to the use of organic products in your haircare and skincare products, and have you always used such products?

    • If yes: What made you turn to use these products? 
    • If Not: what are your reasons?