• Every woman and girl is unique and has something special that can influence lives for the better.
  • We dare to dream BIG! We achieve BIG!
  • High quality + safe beauty = Exceptional standards
  • We ALL deserve to live a life of purpose and joy
  • Empowered women, empower other women. We can create a lasting positive change in the world.


  • Favourite outfit - A snazzy pair of jeans and a shirt/ blazer
  • Tea or Coffee - Definitely tea! Caffeine makes me hyper!
  • Birth Month - August (Leo Queen)
  • Go-to Hairstyle - Anything Afro, different or fun
  • Personality Type - ENFP (Myer Briggs)
  • Pen & Paper Vs Tech - I’m an obsessed stationery junkie
  • Weird Quirks - I talk to myself a lot ☺
  • Guilty Pleasure - The entire Real Housewives franchise
  • Describe Your Style In One Word - Chic

I am a passionate creator at heart. My love for scents and style can be seen in my vibrant coloured outfits, makeup and over-the-top afro Hair styles. After completing my Ph.D. in Economics in 2014, I began experimenting with formulating and creating Hair care/ Beauty products and I am very passionate about empowering and motivating women to embrace their true authentic self. Check out my videos on YouTube …


We love to give back by contributing to the economic empowerment of women and the education of girls globally. With this in mind, a portion of our profits is aimed at supporting charities focused on promoting women’s wellbeing, and the education and health of vulnerable girls world wide.