Founded in 2018, Kelly MacPepple London is a lifestyle brand that embodies the love of fashion, creativity, colour and style of its CEO and Designer, Kelly MacPepple Ph.D.

Our collections are uniquely formulated and boldly designed for the woman with impeccable taste…YOU!! Our products are made in the UK and crafted with great attention to detail.


To be an exceptional Afro-Anglo Fashion brand that unites different cultures, and empowers women. We want to share with our beloved community our love for exceptional quality and our passion for impacting lives positively.


Beautify bodies and minds: Our mission is to empower women and girls to look and feel confident, stylish and successful. We are building a community of inspirational, confident women who believe anything is possible, and reach for their highest potential in order to serve others and influence positive change in our world.


  • Every woman and girl is unique and has something special that can influence lives for the better.
  • We dare to dream BIG! We achieve BIG!
  • High quality + safe beauty = Exceptional standards
  • We ALL deserve to live a life of purpose and joy
  • Empowered women, empower other women. We can create a lasting positive change in the world.


  • Favourite outfit - A snazzy pair of jeans and a shirt/ blazer
  • Tea or Coffee - Definitely tea! Caffeine makes me hyper!
  • Birth Month - August (Leo Queen)
  • Go-to Hairstyle - Anything Afro, different or fun
  • Personality Type - ENFP (Myer Briggs)
  • Pen & Paper Vs Tech - I’m an obsessed stationery junkie
  • Weird Quirks - I talk to myself a lot ☺
  • Guilty Pleasure - The entire Real Housewives franchise
  • Describe Your Style In One Word - Chic

I am a passionate creator at heart. My love for scents and style can be seen in my vibrant coloured outfits, makeup and over-the-top afro Hair styles. After completing my Ph.D. in Economics in 2014, I began experimenting with formulating and creating Hair care/ Beauty products and I am very passionate about empowering and motivating women to embrace their true authentic self. Check out my videos on YouTube …


We love to give back by contributing to the economic empowerment of women and the education of girls globally. With this in mind, a portion of our profits is aimed at supporting charities focused on promoting women’s wellbeing, and the education and health of vulnerable girls world wide.