EthNQ EE Hair and Scalp Oil- Extra dry/ Dry-combination/ Damaged hair

This Hair & Scalp Oil is amazing for extra dry/ dry-combination or even damaged hair.

Stunningly transforms the appearance of dry, damaged hair into a luxuriant shine! This lovely blend of all organic ingredients includes mood-enhancing essential oils, amino acids and phyto-nutrients work in tandem to add moisture, shine, and volume.

EthNQ Hair and Scalp Oil Elixir Extraordinaire delivers its scalp detoxifying therapy twofold. This hair repair serum is designed both for deep conditioning as well as daily styling. With every use, you'll enjoy spa-quality results!

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Levy
It’s majical

Absolutely Amazing!!
My hair loves it...

Luana Garcia
A hair oil that is not greasy

I love this oil because my hair and scalp easily absorbs it so well. I like the smell and maintains my hair smelling fragrant for longer.

Jamie Baker

This product is amazing nd the scent is lovely

Paul B
Works well to manage hair

The EthNQ Elixir Extraordinaire Hair Serum Extra Dry serum is an easy to use oil that you massage into your scalp. It's designed to make hair look silky and reduce frizz. There are no claims that it strengthens hair or magically makes it better for the long term, which is refreshing.

The serum comes with a dropper to easily place a few drops around the hair and then you massage into the scalp and around the hair. It does only take a few drops as well, so although the bottle is small, it lasts a long time.

My wife has been trying this out and found that it worked well. Putting too much on seemed to make the hair look a little greasy but if you get it right for your hair it does work as described and made her hair more manageable as well as making it shine.

Phoebe B
Great scent, hair feels soft.

Glorious scent and great idea with the oil dropper as you are able to maximise the use of product. Me & my little girls Afro hair smells nice and feels soft. Pamper yourself with this oil!