Lady of Substance Hair Perfume Collection Set

Did you know that your hair holds scents for a long time? These Luxurious alcohol-free Hair Perfumes are five little rockstars that deeply penetrates the hair shaft to replenish strands, moisturize, and protect your hair from damage.

Leaving you with indulgent, satiny hair that a Lady of Substance like you needs. Instantly revives old tired hair. Stimulates and energizes your senses. No more stinky smells! Keep your style for longer!

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    I bought the Lady of Substance Hair Perfume Collection Set for Christmas. I was impressed with everything from the packaging to the high-quality content (perfume) and excellent customer service with quick delivery. I found Kelly MacPepple's products not only aesthetically appealing but also mentally stimulating with products like INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, EMPOWER, CREATE & ELEVATE. We all need a dose or two of these words daily. Why not just wear them? Highly recommended.

    Excellent brand!

    I bought the lady of substance hair perfume set and completely got attached to the fragrances & the positive mood it creates.

    I love this product! A five star ⭐️ Rating from me!

    A Bundle of Love!

    I’m sooooo blown away by this LADY OF SUBSTANCE FRAGRANCE ULTIMATE BUNDLE.

    I’m spoilt for choice with the perfume set and its Affirmation box. I love all the fragrances but Elevate and Empower are my go to favourite scents.

    This is why I call this set “A Bundle of Love”! Thank you so much Kelly MacPepple for serving us Ladies of Substance...

    Beautiful presentation

    The perfumes are good oil based for hair. One of the perfumes lettering was faded off which was a little disappointing but overall the packaging is very impressive!

    Apologies for this. We will ensure to make sure this doesn't happen again.
    Thank you for your review.

    Love love love it!

    Such an excellent product. From the personal touch, to the packaging and the products-super excellent! My favourites are Elevate and Create. Well done Kelly.