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Our Collection

Inspired by every Lady of Substance who dares to dream big, believes in possibilities, and continues to be an agent of positive change in our world. We created every luxurious yet affordable scent for the boardroom and the bedroom. We hope to equip you with unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers and a woman like you!

Signature fragrances

Our amazing fragrances have the ability to transform your mood, and invigorate that Powerhouse within you. We uncover and combine all the right mood-enhancing properties to compose the unique character of each Scent we create. We want the Lady of Substance within you to stand out in Style and Confidence!

perfect gift Bundle

Our excellent bundle set is perfect not just for you but as a gift to another Lady like you! With this set, you give more than just a present, you give a mindset. You awaken the creative power within to experience the best of life while making an impact in the life of others.

Safe Beauty

We believe beauty should not be at the expense of your health. Our formulations are made with the utmost care and concern for safety and cleanliness.

Alcohol- free

We designed our scents to be without short-chain alcohols that are drying to your hair and skin

Cruelty free

We certify that our ingredients have not been tested on animals. We utilize the help of the friends of the Brand and enthusiastic volunteers

Giving back

Empowered women, empower other women. We aim to give a helping hand to empower vulnerable women through entrepreneurship to help provide for their children.

Made With Love

All our products are made with all the passion and love we have in our hearts. We want to infuse you with love, joy and happiness.


meet the founder

Hi, I’m Kelly, a wife, Mom, and a passionate creator at heart. I help ambitious women transform their personal style and mindset while balancing their career and family.

There are two thing I love: Style and Educating. I couldn’t find some luxurious items at affordable prices and I felt under-represented in my curves and style. So I decided to combined my education, experience and creativity into designing beautiful products for women who love exceptional quality. I also educate and motivate them while they create their dream life.

I am very passionate about empowering women to feel confident, stylish and successful. Every day, I get the opportunity to serve women in my own unique way…and I love it!!

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