Hair Perfumes


The Perfumes that will change your haircare regimen forever. 
Captivating perfumes for gorgeous smelling hair -- Everyday (or your money back)
  • Alcohol-free 💯

  • Long-lasting (Up to 9 hours)

  • Uplifts Your Mood

  • Adds Shine to Hair and Body

  • Protects your hair with an SPF booster

No regrets!!! I love these Hair perfumes. They're absolutely fabulous. EMPOWER and ELEVATE are my favourites. Now I can stop using normal perfumes on my hair. This is up there competing with the big brands for a start-up. No regrets at all for buying them!”

Tolase Il

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Scent & Shine for Your Hair (and Body)

Add some long-lasting va-va-voom to your hair + body with the uplifting and reviving effects of our Hair Perfumes. These lightweight gorgeous fragrances deliver a powerful blend of essential oils, extracts, vitamins, and all-natural ingredients to add scent and shine from head to toe, leaving you feeling balanced, luxurious and energized.

Protects and Nourishes

Give your hair and skin some extra tender loving care especially as they are exposed to cold, sun and other temperatures. Our Hair perfumes enrich your hair and skin with natural anti-oxidants and SPF boosters to help prevent damage, and replace any dryness with soft, shiny hair & skin.

MOSt Perfumes have drying alcohols in them that

cause damage to your hair and skin,

So we created alcohol-free Perfumes that

are made from natural Ingredients to uplift your

mood and stimulate your senses!

Inspired by every Lady of Substance who dares to believe in possibilities, and continues to be an agent of positive change in our world. Each luxurious yet affordable Hair Perfume is perfect for the boardroom and the bedroom. Enjoy unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed & composed by the world’s finest perfumers and a woman like you!

Powerful Natural Ingredients

We carefully selected each ingredient specifically for its protective, nourishing and restorative effects for your hair and skin.We choose lightweight ingredients including olive squalane to help seal and lock in moisture, vitamin E to assist hair growth and reduce oxidative stress, and boosters to help increase SPF efficiency, and support healthy scalp and hair! 
Zero alcohol included

Unique Blend of Essential Oils

Enjoy the soothing aromatherapeutic benefits of our Perfumes that help improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.Our amazing fragrances have the ability to transform your mood, and invigorate that Powerhouse within you.We uncover and combine all the right blend of essential oils to compose the unique character of each Scent we create. We want the Lady of Substance within you to stand out in Style and Confidence!

Glamorous results for ALL hair types

We are all inclusive! All hair allowed! Afro, Caucasian, Curly, Straight, Braided, Locs, wigs, weaves, extensions, long hair, short hair, No hair!Research shows that Hair holds scents for a long time so our Hair Perfumes gives our hair what it needs to stay revived, scented, shiny and stunning!

How to best Use Hair Perfumes

Simply spray this lightweight, alcohol-free fragrances into your hair especially the dull parts. It’s very quick drying and non-greasy. So it will easily absorb into your hair and skin without leaving any residue. Just a sheen and shine!You can also use this from head to toe especially after using moisturizers on any area of your skin that needs some scent and shine. We invite you to try our Hair Perfumes to add some glow to your life and replace dryness!


Will these Hair Perfumes make my hair damp? Does this make hair greasy?

No they won’t. Our perfumes do not contain water so our Hair Perfumes will only add shine and scent to your hair. We usually advise not to spray more than 5-6spritz onto the hair, unless your hair is very dry.

How long do Hair perfumes last? Hair perfumes are not strong or long lasting? 

Based on 3rd party testers, on a sample of 20individuals, most say they can smell our perfumes after 7-9 hours.

Can I use Hair Perfumes with other hair care products and perfumes? Why do I need them when I already have perfumes?

Definitely, Hair perfumes can be used everyday on washed andunwashed hair. It can also be used with or after styling products.
Your hair holds scents for a long time. Our Hair Perfumes do not contain alcohol so it is safer to use on hair or body. Hair Perfumes are a perfect complement to regular perfumes and your hair deserves to smell good and be pampered.

Do these perfumes prevent breakage/split ends?

Our perfumes are diluted in a dry oil base so when the perfumes are sprayed directly onto dry areas of the hair, it will not cause any damage to your hair.

Do these Hair Perfume contain alcohol? Can I post these Hair Perfumes without restrictions?

No they don’t. All our Hair perfumes are 100% free from alcohol. 💯
Yes you can. If you are posting internationally, all you need to do is mention in the customs clearance section that they are 100% alcohol-free and postal carriers will be able to post them for you.

Is this similar to a dry shampoo?

No it is not. Dry shampoo is a type of hair product that claims to reduce oil, grease, and dirt in your hair and can be applied dry. Hair Perfumes on the other hand, add scent and shine to your hair so can revive hair without it looking greasy but cannot remove dirt from your hair.